Monday, December 10, 2012

Calata Corporation: SEC Clears Calata on Alleged Probe

Early this year, the Calata Corporation reached a market cap of 4 billion pesos with their astounding shares that reached 24 pesos per share. However, within the trade, the shares fluctuated which caused the allegations of a stock manipulation in the company.

Joseph Calata was firm all throughout the allegations claiming that his company was not involved with the accusation as their shares, when they reach the shareholders, are already beyond their control. They (the board), in fact, were the ones who called the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to look into the weird movements of the shares.

Recently, SEC ended its probe of the alleged stock price manipulation saying that the Calata Corporation is cleared from any involvement in the allegations. The SEC has reportedly imposed fines on several stock brokers which it found to have been responsible for the unusual price movements.

The SEC probe proved that our decision to seek the help of the regulators was both wise and right.
- Says Calata in an interview.

SEC also cleared that it wasn’t the Corporation itself which was under investigation, but the traders.

SEC also cleared that it wasn’t the Corporation itself which was under investigation, but the traders.
With the issue against the corporation "put to rest," the firm can now focus on their expansion program where they plan to increase the number of its outlets to about 250 using the proceeds from the initial public offering. With this expansion, more farmers and agricultural sector entrepreneurs can expect to have access to the more products and technologies.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Calata Offers a New Service for Farmers for Free

We would all be in trouble if we suffer on scarcity on produce of farms. After all, the Philippines is known to be an agriculture-dependent country as about one-third of its land area is classified as agricultural lands. In fact, according to a study, more than half of the total of poor Filipinos depends on agriculture. Also, food crops, particularly rice and corn, are said to be major contributors to agriculture’s gross value and have become major source of growth. These in particular are the reasons why farmers should be extra careful with their harvests.

However, recent studies have shown that farmers have been misusing farm inputs, including fertilizers that are not compatible with their soil. This mistake resulted to bigger expenses and reduced harvests for farmers. This can also lead to irreparable damage to the soil. If this continues, scarcity will surely be present in our country.

The 31-year-old CEO of Calata Corporation, Joseph Calata, aims to aid this problem. He came to the conclusion of building soil testing facilities and placing them on his stores for Luzon-based rice and corn farmers. According to Calata, these facilities will help prevent farmers from using fertilizers that do not fit their farms, which will lead to the aforementioned problems.

Calata Joseph
This is also expected to generate savings for farmers thus raising their income potential through the right and use of farm inputs.
- Calata also added in an interview.
In addition to the goal of Calata to help the savings of farmers, he is also offering this new service for them for free. This service would help farmers determine the right farm inputs to use that will be most compatible with their respective farms which would be an advantage to them as it would help them be more productive.

This technology  may be new to the farmers which goes to show that Calata is trying to be a leader in his chosen field by helping other businesses that involves agriculture, starting with farmers. One can say that he is trying to familiarize old school businesses to new agricultural technology.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Joseph Calata Takes Over

Joseph Calata
Today, the largest distributor of agricultural chemicals, feeds, fertilizers and other agricultural products of the Philippines is Calata Corporation. The business, which was once mom-andpop run, was taken over by son, Joseph Calata, who revolutionized the business by turning its operations automated. By utilizing the much needed computer technology, the distributor reaped in a huge P1.8 billion revenue in 2009 and 2010.

This revenue is nine times more the year Joseph Calata took over management back in 2003 where revenue was seen at P200 million. In the earlier years, the young businessman was a clerk in his parents' company. He made it possible for himself to maneuver in to management and computerize their systems. By changing the management operations and tightening credit and collection, he was able to make greater sales.

This corporation is part of the top one thousand of the country's companies and is part of the fastest networks of distribution in the industry today. The corporation, which was formerly known as Planters Choice Agro Products, is now the exclusive distributor of some world renowned chemicals, fertilizers and feeds in the Philippines. The company, which was built and is based in Bulacan, still aims to expand its horizons and open up more opportunities for people across the nation.

Because of a more efficient system as well as better advertising and marketing campaigns, Calata Corporation was able to see better days. It is now the biggest agriculture product distributor in the Philippines and it is still widely growing. From a small office staff to now employing over two hundred people, Calata Corporation is definitely a company still on the rise. The aim now is to expand and build more stores across the nation.

Joseph Calata girlfriend
Not only is he helping the world of agriculture in the Philippines, but Joseph Calata is able to fight the unemployment rates and open up jobs for a great number. This young businessman is not afraid to get his hands dirty as he will readily visit fields to check up on farmers. He is ready to grow his business in terms of sales and come up with ways to make these more sustainable.

Calata Corporation will definitely see more stores nationwide and cater to more farmers. Wholesome products made by this company are preferred by farmers and breeders across the nation. Besides the main sales in agriculture, the young businessman also takes part in growing and feeding which adds to the corporations overall revenue. The projects do not come to a stop here for the Calatas as their business is still looking to a much better tomorrow.
Calata Corporation was once a mom-and-pop business which held a small office staff in Bulacan. After being revolutionized by son, Joseph Calata, the corporation took a turn for the better and started reaping in revenue and seeing numbers as high as P1.8 billion. Now, the family-run business is the largest distributor of agricultural products in the Philippines and is still vastly growing today.
-Alison Ward

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Parish Councils of Manila and Other Groups Supports Mayor Lito Atienza

Various religious groups, including the influential Iglesia ni Cristo have endorsed the candidacy of comebacking Manila Mayor Lito Atienza.

Apart from INC, Atienza is also being supported by Brother Mike Velarde of El Shaddai, Ustadz Ahmad Barcelom of the Manila Muslim community, Parish Councils of Manila as well as the majority of the city's barangay chairmen, barangay councilors and watchmen and the pro-poor organization People's Movement Against Poverty (PMAP).

It is widely known that the Iglesia ni Cristo has a huge following in the city. With the endorsement of the group, Atienza gains another 5 percent solid votes.

Based on the survey conducted last April 29, Atienza gained a 7 percentage lead against his toughest rival, incumbent Mayor Alfredo Lim. With the INC votes, it can now be considered that Atienza is 12 percent leading against his opponent.

Meanwhile, El Shaddai leader Mike Velarde earlier said Manila needs a pro-life mayor.

“Lito Atienza is not only pro-life, but also pro-good government," he added.

According to Msgr. Mel David, one of Atienza's spiritual advisers, he knows the former Environment secretary too well. “He has a good heart and he is very sincere in wanting to uplift the lives of Manilans. He is pro-God and represents good governance.”

On the other hand, PMAP president Ronald Lumbao said he endorsed the candidacy of Atienza because apart from being a God-fearing person, he believes that the former Environment secretary has a genuine concern to help and improve the plight of the poor.

“His programs answer the needs of the poor community of Manila. He's very much unlike the incumbent mayor who doesn't care about the less fortunate," Lumbao said.

The Muslim community also back Atienza's candidacy, saying he maintains friendship and communication with them despite the difference in belief and religion.

Meanwhile, 650 out of the 897 barangay chairmen, and most of the barangay kagawads and tanods said that they witnessed how the former and present mayor managed the city. They claimed that they were able to prove that Atienza is the one who has a genuine heart to help the people, especially the poor.

Atienza said he is grateful for all the endorsements. He thanked all those who believe in him and his programs and vowed to do his best to improve the quality of life of the Manilans by creating jobs and provide livelihood and other opportunities for all.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lito Atienza: A True Statesman And Dedicated Public Servant

Former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza by a thousand mile is the best man to vote for mayor of the nation's capital in this coming election 2010.The former DENR secretary possess years of experience in public service, political will, wisdom, leadership stature and proven and unblemished track record which make him the most eligible person to win the much-coveted seat as the city mayor of this once glamorous and beautiful city.Atienza, the only mayor who won for three consecutive three-year terms, is revered by the whole city for being a true statesman and a father to all Manilenos, and for having served selflessly for the people of the city.One can just take a look at the former mayor's numerous achievements and countless completed projects during his tenure to be able to see clearly how this man has completely dedicated himself in uplifting and changing the lives of the Manilenos particularly the impoverished.

We do not have to go too far to see how Lito Atienza acted during his stint as city mayor. We just have to look at how Manila was and the lives of its residents were three years ago. The Atienza administration is highlighted by the significant changes in the lives and welfare of Manila's poorest residents.Atineza's pro-poor programs and priority projects have earned him the recognition as one of the most loved and respected leaders in the city's rich political history.

Lito Atienza has accomplished a lot of things than any other city mayors of Manila, and there is no doubt that he is indeed a true statesman and a dedicated public servant. During his tenure as city mayor; Atienza has transformed and uplifted the lives of the city's poorest residents. Atienza pushed for the effective delivery of basic services as evident in the programs and priority projects that he started during his term as city mayor. He was successful in addressing almost all of the social needs of his beloved Manilenos in his programs and priority projects including programs for housing, healthcare, peace and order, education, sports, arts and culture, nature and environment and welfare of senior citizens.

Atienza built and provided housing projects and land acquisition programs for the city's homeless residents. The former Manila mayor also increased the budget and resources of the city's public hospitals and health centers, as part of his efforts in improving the city's healthcare services for its residents.This move has allowed public hospitals to purchase new medical equipment and medicines for enhanced healthcare services and to be able to provide free medicines to the city's impoverished residents. The city of Manila which has earned the distinction of being a haven to the most notorious hold-up artists and pickpockets; has experienced the best peace and order situation under his leadership. During his administration, the city was able to experience its lowest crime levels in years due to Atienza's considerable effort in ridding the entire city of drug traffickers and syndicates, which he believed as the main roots of all crimes in the city.

Atienza also provided public school students with free education and school. It was also during his tenure that the city's universities and colleges were improved as part of his efforts in providing the city's residents with an affordable and quality college education.The former mayor of Manila during his tenure has also launched the Manila Youth games, which has benefited a lot of the city's budding and promising athletes. In addition, in support of the city's talented youth, Atienza provided free training of children who are talented in the fields of music and dance with the help of Manila's top dancers and singers. The city's senior residents were also able to enjoy greater benefits from the former mayor's program for the senior citizens which included special services, big discounts and other freebies.

Aside from the enhanced delivery of basic services which has changed the lives of the poor, Atienza has also out the city of Manila back in the tourists' map and in the list of top tourists' destinations of the country. Atienza has pushed forward for the beautification and enhancement of the city's old and deteriorating parks and other tourist attractions. One of the most popular projects of the former mayor is the development of the city's bay area commonly known as the "Baywalk", which has enabled city residents, as well as local and foreign tourists to enjoy alfresco dining and listening to fine music while enjoying the world-renowned Manila Bay sunset. It was also during his tenure that the city's navigation and travel were improved due to the drastic improvements made in the city's infrastructure.

No one is more eligible to hold the position as city mayor than former mayor Lito Atienza. The former Manila mayor is the most accomplished and experienced among other bets in this coming election 2010. His achievements and countless completed projects and programs are testimonies to his being a true statesman and a dedicated public servant serving selflessly for the good of many people.

-Joel Dumayog